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eww layer

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1. Description

Ewww.. So ergonomic!

1.1. Features:

  • Adds evil key bindings support to eww-mode (including eww-buffers/bookmarks/history-mode)
  • Adds spacemacs functionality to eww-mode
  • Adds ability to easily navigate eww buffers

2. Install

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add eww to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

3. Key bindings

Key binding Description Function
SPC a w e e Start eww eww
SPC a w e w List eww buffers eww-list-buffers

3.1. Eww

SPC m . Eww Transient state  
SPC m s Search helm-google-suggest
SPC m S Search (alt) browse-web
SPC m r Reload eww-reload
SPC m p Previous URL eww-previous-url
SPC m n Next URL eww-next-url
SPC m h History eww-list-histories
SPC m d Download eww-download
SPC m a Add Bookmark eww-add-bookmark
SPC m l o List Bookmarks eww-list-bookmarks
SPC m l b List Eww Buffers eww-list-buffers
SPC m v x View in External Browser eww-browse-with-external-browser
SPC m v f Toggle Fancy Fonts eww-toggle-fonts
SPC m v r Reader View eww-readable
[ Previous URL eww-previous-url
] Next URL eww-next-url
H Next Eww Buffer eww-jump-next-buffer
L Previous Eww Buffer eww-jump-previous-buffer
C-o/< History back eww-back-url
C-i/> History forward eww-forward-url
C-j Next Link shr-next-link
C-k Previous Link shr-previous-link
f Follow Link eww-follow-link
F Follow Link New Buffer eww-follow-link
o Follow Link (avy/ace) eww-follow-link
+/- zoom in/out zoom-frm-in/out
= unzoom zoom-frm-unzoom

3.2. Eww History

SPC m f Open History eww-history-browse
f Open History eww-history-browse

3.3. Eww Bookmarks

SPC m f Open Bookmark eww-bookmark-browse
SPC m d Delete Bookmark eww-bookmark-kill
SPC m y Yank Bookmark eww-yank-bookmark
f Open Bookmark eww-bookmark-browse
d Delete Bookmark eww-bookmark-kill
y Yank Bookmark eww-yank-bookmark

3.4. Eww Buffers

SPC m f Open Buffer eww-buffer-select
SPC m d Delete Buffer eww-buffer-kill
SPC m n Next Buffer eww-buffer-show-next
SPC m p Previous Buffer eww-buffer-show-previous
f Open Buffer eww-buffer-select
d Delete Buffer eww-buffer-kill
n Next Buffer eww-buffer-show-next
p Previous Buffer eww-buffer-show-previous

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Created: 2024-06-14 Fri 18:51