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Evernote layer

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1. Description

This layer adds support for the famous Evernote note taking service to Spacemacs. It does so by grouping together various packages to work with Evernote.

1.1. Features:

  • Create notes in markdown and sync with Evernote via geeknote.
  • Search for notes using keywords
  • Move notes between notebooks

2. Install

2.1. Layer

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add evernote to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

2.2. Geeknote

This is the non official Evernote command line tool which allows users to write notes in markdown, and sync them. The command geeknote is expected to be present in your $PATH. To obtain this utility, please refer to the official geeknote documentation.

2.3. Geeknote.el

geeknote.el is a wrapper for some of the most used geeknote commands. By default, geeknote.el doesn't have any key bindings defined. This layer provides key bindings for all of geeknote.el's exposed features. geeknote.el relies on having a correctly setup geeknote editor. To set this up, run the following command in your terminal after successfully installing geeknote:

$ geeknote settings --editor "emacsclient"

If you would prefer to customize the geeknote command to be used such as specifying the path to the geeknote python script, please refer to the geeknote.el documentation. For more information about setting up $PATH, check out the corresponding section in the FAQ (SPC h SPC $PATH RET).

3. Key bindings

Key binding Description
SPC a w e c create a new note
SPC a w e e edit an existing note
SPC a w e f find a note using a keyword
SPC a w e s show an existing note
SPC a w e r remove an existing note
SPC a w e m move a note to a different notebook

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Created: 2024-07-23 Tue 17:38