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IPython Notebook layer

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1. Description

This layer adds support for the package emacs-ipython-notebook.

Do not hesitate to check the original package README here. Also the wiki has lots of informative stuff.

1.1. Features:

  • Key bindings available through transient-state or leader key
  • Lazy-loading
  • Auto-completion

2. List of TODOS

This is a WIP, feel free to collaborate.

2.1. TODO Maybe it'd be better if there was a state for this

2.2. TODO Make more key binding to connect to a python buffer

2.3. TODO Deleting visual regions don't work, find out why

3. Install

3.1. Layer

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add ipython-notebook to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

3.2. Choosing a backend

To choose a default backend set the layer variable ein-backend:

(ipython-notebook :variables ein-backend 'jupyter)

Currently only jupyter backend is available. If ein-backend is set to jupyter, jupyter backend will be enabled, otherwise no backend will be enabled. Jupyter backend currently only supports auto-completion features.

3.3. Dependencies

Install IPython Notebook > 3

Note that IPython Notebook has now been renamed to Jupyter Notebook.

pip install jupyter

3.4. What needs to be run

Have an IPython notebook running

jupyter notebook

4. Using the IPython notebook

4.1. Open Notebook List

This layer is lazy loaded so the transient-state will only work after you summon the command ein:notebooklist-open which is bound to SPC a t i o or ein:run which is bound to SPC a t i r.

4.2. Key bindings

The key bindings can be used through a transient state or the usual evil-leader.

4.2.1. Transient-state: ipython-notebook

Once you are in the ipython notebook you can activate the transient-state with SPC m .

The following table lists the keys. Use them as listed in the transient-state or prefix with SPC m to use with your evil-leader.

Key Function
h ein:notebook-worksheet-open-prev-or-last
j ein:worksheet-goto-next-input
k ein:worksheet-goto-prev-input
l ein:notebook-worksheet-open-next-or-first
H ein:notebook-worksheet-move-prev
J ein:worksheet-move-cell-down
K ein:worksheet-move-cell-up
L ein:notebook-worksheet-move-next
t ein:worksheet-toggle-output
d ein:worksheet-kill-cell
R ein:worksheet-rename-sheet
y ein:worksheet-copy-cell
p ein:worksheet-yank-cell
i ein:worksheet-insert-cell-below
I ein:worksheet-insert-cell-above
u ein:worksheet-change-cell-type
RET ein:worksheet-execute-cell-and-goto-next
C-l ein:worksheet-clear-output
C-S-l ein:worksheet-clear-all-output
C-o ein:console-open
C-k ein:worksheet-merge-cell
C-j spacemacs/ein:worksheet-merge-cell-next
s ein:worksheet-split-cell-at-point
C-s ein:notebook-save-notebook-command
C-r ein:notebook-rename-command
1 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-1th
2 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-2th
3 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-3th
4 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-4th
5 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-5th
6 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-6th
7 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-7th
8 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-8th
9 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-last
+ ein:notebook-worksheet-insert-next
- ein:notebook-worksheet-delete
x ein:notebook-close

4.2.2. Normal mode

In normal mode the following key bindings are defined:

Key Function
gj ein:worksheet-goto-next-input
gk ein:worksheet-goto-prev-input
C-RET ein:worksheet-execute-cell
S-RET ein:worksheet-execute-cell-and-goto-next

Also SPC f s saves the notebook like you would a regular buffer.

4.2.3. Insert mode

In normal mode the following key bindings are defined:

Key Function
C-RET ein:worksheet-execute-cell
S-RET ein:worksheet-execute-cell-and-goto-next

4.2.4. Traceback mode

In traceback mode the following key bindings are defined:

key Function
RET ein:tb-jump-to-source-at-point-command
n ein:tb-next-item
p ein:tb-prev-item
q bury-buffer

5. Screenshots

5.1. Light


5.2. Dark


6. Bonus

If you want to have a matplotlibrc that looks good with a dark background try using this matplotlibrc. Plot background is always transparent by default so it will look okay for most dark themes out there.

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