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eaf layer

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1 Description

This layer adds support for the Emacs Application Framework (EAF).

1.1 Features:

  • Browse using a full-fledged browser within Emacs
  • PDF viewer (with continuous scroll)
  • Video player
  • Image viewer
  • See EAF documentation for many more features

2 Install

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add eaf to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

Subsequently install the required dependencies with SPC SPC eaf-install-dependencies. This command only works for Ubuntu and Fedora based distributions. Users of Arch (based) distributions can run the script manually in their terminal. If the script does not work for you then install the required dependencies manually.

3 Usage

3.1 Configuring key bindings

Configuration of EAF key bindings works in a different way than normally in Spacemacs.

Also EAF, and additionally this layer, implement some tricks that are required to make leader keys in EAF buffers behave as expected in Spacemacs. Therefore it is recommended to keep these default (major-mode-)leader keybindings.

For information about configuration of other key bindings for EAF, see here.

If you do want to modify the leader keys, then information about the tricks implemented in this layer can be found here and here.

4 Key bindings

4.1 Global

4.1.1 All EAF-applications

Key binding Description
SPC a a f EAF open file (see EAF doc for supported file types)
SPC t k m Show available key commands in which-key (read here for more details)
SPC m d toggle dark-mode (in browser press M-d, in pdf-viewer just press d)

4.1.2 Browser

Key binding Description
SPC a a b o Open url in new buffer
SPC a a b s Search with your favorite search engine. Defaults to symbol at point or region string
SPC a a b b Open bookmark in new buffer
SPC a a b h Search and open buffer from history

4.2 Local

4.2.1 All EAF-applications

Key binding Description
j/k Scroll up/down

4.2.2 Browser

Key binding Description
J/K Scroll (half) page up/down
e Edit url
m Bookmark page
C-s Search/search find next (to enter new search prefix with C-g
C-r Search find previous
SPC m h Open new buffer from history
SPC m s Search web with favorite search engine

4.2.3 PDF-viewer

Key binding Description
d toggle dark-mode

4.2.4 pdf-view-mode (pdf-tools)

Key binding Description
SPC m e open in eaf pdf-viewer

There are many more key bindings. Use SPC t k m to show them persistently in which-key, or use SPC h d k to show the `eaf-mode-map` in a separate buffer.

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Created: 2021-04-17 Sat 07:11