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Conda Layer

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1. Description

This layer adds support for the Anaconda python environment for numerical computations to Spacemacs.

1.1. Features:

  • Controlling Anaconda or Miniconda environments directly from emacs with conda.el

2. Install

To add this layer to Spacemacs, add conda to your dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list.

3. Configuration

To use this layer you need to tell spacemacs where your anaconda environment can be found. By default Spacemacs will check in ~/.anaconda3.

If it is installed somewhere else just set conda-anaconda-home in your dotfile:

(setq-default dotspacemacs-configuration-layers
  '((conda :variables conda-anaconda-home "/your/path/here")))

4. Key bindings

Key binding Description
SPC m n a Open a helm buffer to select an environment
SPC m n A Toggle automatic activation of environments
SPC m n b Activate environment for buffer based on conda-project-env-name
SPC m n d Deactivate current environment
SPC m n l Open a help buffer that lists envs

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Created: 2022-05-24 Tue 11:52