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command-log layer

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1. Description

This layer adds handy commands for demonstrating Spacemacs.

1.1. Features:

  • Support for logging all entered keys and triggered commands in a designated buffer via command-log-mode.
  • Experimental support for logging the last command directly in the mode line via keycast.
  • Provides the best way to demonstrate the connection between keystrokes and commands in Emacs.
  • Provides an easy way to create command logs for training classes.

2. Install

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add command-log to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

3. Command log

This is the default way to demonstrate Spacemacs commands. It works by opening a new buffer which logs all executed commands in the current window.

4. Keycast

This is an experimental addition to this layer which will show the last used keystroke and command in the modeline. However as we support multiple modelines it may require some tweaking of keycast-mode-line-insert-after which will be defaulted to %e for now.

If you have a working configuration for your modeline feel free to share it with the rest of the project.

5. Key bindings

Key binding Description
SPC a t l l Toggle the command log
SPC a t K h Toggle keycast in header
SPC a t K m Toggle keycast in modeline
SPC a t K t Toggle keycast in tab bar

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Created: 2024-06-14 Fri 18:51