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spacemacs-editing layer

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1. Description

This layer adds packages to improve editing with Spacemacs.

1.1. Features:

  • Support for automatic indentation of code via aggressive-indent.
  • Support for jumping to chars using a decision tree via avy.
  • Improvements for evaluating sexps via eval-sexp-fu.
  • Selecting and editing of multiple text elements via expand-region.
  • Support for editing files in hex format via hexl.
  • Deletion of consecutive horizontal whitespace with a single key via hungry-delete.
  • Support for selecting, copying and opening links using avy via link-hint.
  • Adding of sample text via lorem-ipsum.
  • Transient state for moving text via move-text.
  • Support for folding of code via origami and evil-vimish-fold.
  • Support for password generation via password-generator.
  • Support for improving parenthesis handling via smartparens.
  • Automatic whitespace cleanup on save via spacemacs-whitespace-cleanup.
  • Support for converting definitions to certain styles via string-inflection.
  • Support for generating UUIDs via uuidgen.
  • Support for conversion between Emacs regexps and PCRE regexps.
  • Support for persistent scratch via persistent-scratch.
  • Support for unkillable scratch via unkillable-scratch.
  • Support for sorting (press s) via dired-quick-sort
  • Support for evil-easymotion if the editing style is vim or hybrid.
  • Support for cycling between multi line block styles via multi-line.
  • Support for editing strings inplace via string-edit

Author: root

Created: 2022-05-24 Tue 11:52