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Version-Control layer

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1. Description

This layers adds general configuration for Emacs VC. It should work with all VC backends such as Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, SVN, etc…

1.1. Features:

  • highlights uncommitted changes in the fringe or margin with diff-hl, git-gutter, or git-gutter+
  • adds vcs transient-state SPC g. to allow quick navigation and modification of buffer hunks.

2. Install

2.1. Layer

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add version-control to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

3. Configuration

You can choose the package to facilitate the diff transient-state and show margins by setting the version-control-diff-tool variable to one of the supported packages:

'(version-control :variables
                  version-control-diff-tool 'diff-hl)

You can choose the side on which the diff appears (by default it's the right side)

'(version-control :variables
                  version-control-diff-side 'left)

To automatically enable diff margins in all buffers, set version-control-global-margin

'(version-control :variables
                  version-control-global-margin t)

3.1. Differences between margin packages

This layer contains generalized mappings for three diff margin packages: diff-hl, git-gutter, and git-gutter+.

There are some differences between packages that might have some people prefer one over the other:

Feature diff-hl git-gutter git-gutter+
Show in fringe X X X
Extended VCS support (e.g. hg, svn) X X  
Stage hunks from buffer   X X
Dired support X    

4. Key bindings

VC commands:

Key binding Description
SPC g . Version control transient-state
SPC g o Browser at remote
SPC g r Smerge mode transient-state
SPC g v = Open a hunk under the point in the diff buffer
SPC g v D Compare the entire working tree with head
SPC g v e Show diff against current head using ediff
SPC g v g Visually annotate the current file
SPC g v d Open the VC Directory buffer
SPC g v + Update the working copy
SPC g v i Register (add) into a version control system
SPC g v u Revert working copy to their repository contents
SPC g v l List the change log
SPC g v L List the change log for the current VC controlled tree
SPC g v v Do the next logical VC operation (vc-next-action)
SPC g v I Ignore file (vc-ignore)
SPC g v r Resolve conflicts in file

4.1. VC Directory buffer commands

You can hit SPC pv from the current project to open the VC Directory buffer, or use SPC g v d for specifying a root directory. Then you may mark (m key) files you are interested in, to form a fileset. Most commands described above are applicable to filesets too. To some of them are given shortcuts:

Key binding Description
= Compare selected files with head
c Open a commit message buffer
l List changes
a Annotate selected files
i Add into a version control system
r Refresh directory view
E Ignore file under cursor

Navigation and interaction commands in the VC Directory buffer:

Key binding Description
j or M-n Next file
k or M-p Previous file
gj or TAB Next directory
gk or S-TAB Previous directory
m Mark a file
u Unmark a file

4.2. Commit message editing buffer

In a commit message buffer press C-c C-c to commit the changes with the entered message. Pressing C-c C-k will discard the commit message and close this buffer.

4.3. Diff mode

Key binding Description
SPC m a Apply a hunk
SPC m d Kill the hunk at point
SPC m D Kill the current file's hunk
SPC m e Call ediff-patch-file on current buffer
SPC m f c Convert unified diffs to context diffs
SPC m f r Reverse the direction of the diffs
SPC m f u Convert context diffs to unified diffs
SPC m g Jump to the corresponding source line
SPC m j Next hunk
SPC m J Next file
SPC m k Previous hunk
SPC m K Previous file
SPC m q Close the diff window
SPC m r Revert a hunk
SPC m s Split the current hunk at point into two hunks
SPC m u Undo

A transient buffer is also defined, start it with SPC m . or , .

Key binding Description
j Next hunk
J Next file
k Previous hunk
K Previous file

4.4. Log view buffer

Key binding Description
C-j or M-n Next message
C-k or M-p Previous message
gj or J or TAB Next file
gk or K or S-TAB Previous file
f or ENTER Visit the version at point
d Display a diff between the revision at point and the next earlier revision
o Use for jumping to links
H Toggle hiding of the full message

4.5. Annotation buffer

Key binding Description
J Visit the annotation of the revision after this one
K Visit the annotation of the revision previous to this one
L visit the log of the revision at line
H Toggle whether or not the annotation is visible
a Visit the annotation of the revision identified in the current line
p Visit the annotation of the revision before the revision at line
d Display the diff between the current line's revision and the previous revision
f Show in a buffer the file revision indicated by the current line

4.6. Version Control Transient-state

Use SPC g . to enter a transient state for quickly navigating between hunks in a buffer. During that state, the following bindings are active:

Key binding Description
h Show diff of hunk
n Next hunk
N or p Previous hunk
r Revert hunk
s Stage hunk
t Toggle margin indicators
w Stage file
u Unstage file
d Repo diff popup
D Show diffs of unstaged hunks
c Commit with popup
C Commit
P Push repo with popup
f Fetch for repo with popup
F Pull repo with popup
l Show repo log
z Recenter buffer in window

4.7. Smerge Mode Transient-state


Key binding Description
SPC g r n Next conflict (possibly in another file)
SPC g r N or SPC g r p Previous conflict (possibly in another file)
SPC g r j Go to next line
SPC g r k Go to previous line

Merge Actions:

Key binding Description
SPC g r b Keep base
SPC g r m Keep mine
SPC g r a Keep all
SPC g r o Keep other
SPC g r c Keep current
SPC g r K Kill current


Key binding Description
SPC g r < Diff base and mine
SPC g r = Diff mine and other
SPC g r > Diff base and other
SPC g r r Refine
SPC g r e Ediff


Key binding Description
SPC g r C Combine current and next hunks
SPC g r u Undo
SPC g r q Quit transient state

4.8. Toggles

Key binding Description
SPC T d Toggle diff margins
SPC T C-d Toggle diff margins globally

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