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GitHub layer

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1. Description

This layers adds support for GitHub.

1.1. Features:

  • forge: integration with various forges, such as GitHub and GitLab.
  • gist.el: full-featured mode to browse and post GitHub gists.
  • git-link: quickly generate URLs for commits or files.
  • github-clone allows for easy cloning and forking of repositories.
  • grip-mode Github-flavored Markdown/Org preview using Grip.

2. Install

2.1. Layer

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add github to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

2.2. Git configuration

You will need to generate a personal access token on GitHub. This token should have the gist and repo permissions. Once this token is created, it needs to be added to your ~/.gitconfig

You will also need to generate an SSH key and add it to your GitHub account.

git config --global github.oauth-token <token>

2.3. grip-mode

Grip-mode requires python and the python package grip to be installed on the system. Grip can usually be installed with the command pip install grip, on debian based systems make sure you use the python 3 version of pip, it is normally called pip3.

3. Key bindings

3.1. gist.el

Key binding Description
SPC g g b create a public gist with the buffer content
SPC g g B create a private gist with the buffer content
SPC g g l open the gist list buffer
SPC g g r create a public gist with the region content
SPC g g R create a private gist with the region content

In the gist list buffer:

Key binding Description
/ evil search
+ add buffer to gist
- remove file for gist
b or o open current gist in browser
f fetch current gist
g refresh the list
h go left
j go down
k go up
K kill current gist
l go right
n next search occurrence
N next previous occurrence
v visual state
V visual-line state
y print URL and copy it

3.2. Clone repositories

Key binding Description
SPC g h c / search for a repository to clone it
SPC g h c c clone and optionally fork repository
SPC g h c r add a remote that is an existing fork of selected remote
SPC g h c f fork remote in current user namespace
SPC g h c u add upstream as remote

3.3. Grip-mode

Key binding Description
SPC g p toggle github flavored mb/org buffer preview in web-browser

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Created: 2021-09-11 Sat 23:13