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Elfeed layer

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1. Description

This layer integrates a web feed reader into spacemacs.

1.1. Features:

  • Support for reading RSS and Atom feeds directly within emacs via Elfeed.
  • Support for managing feeds via org files supplied by elfeed-org.
  • Support for displaying feed database content in the browser via web interface.

2. Install

2.1. Layer

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add elfeed to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

By default, elfeed stores its database under ~/.elfeed.

2.2. Setup feeds

2.2.1. With Org

It is recommended to manage your feeds list and tags via org files, this is possible thanks to elfeed-org package. To define a list of org files:

(elfeed :variables rmh-elfeed-org-files (list "~/.emacs.d/private/"

Checkout elfeed-org documentation to see the format of that file.

Here is an example of such a file (note the usage of org tags to tag your feeds)

2.2.2. Manually

To explicitly setup the list of feeds, set the value of elfeed-feeds variable in your .spacemacs file.

(elfeed :variables
   elfeed-feeds '(("" blog emacs)
                  ""  ; no autotagging
                  ("" webcomic)))

Check documentation for elfeed-feeds for more information about this variable (SPC h d v elfeed-feeds RET).

2.3. Server

Elfeed comes with a simple web interface to browse its database. You can manually start it by calling elfeed-web-start or by setting elfeed-enable-web-interface to t which will start the web automatically when Emacs starts.

By default web interface is available on localhost:8080/elfeed. You can change the default port by changing the value of httpd-port.

(elfeed :variables elfeed-enable-web-interface t)

2.4. Elfeed goodies

Elfeed layer loads a set of useful helper functions and bindings to improve your elfeed experience. Normally these should help you however there are some workflows where these may rather hinder you. In this case you can disable these by setting elfeed-enable-goodies to nil.

(elfeed :variables elfeed-enable-goodies nil)

3. Key bindings

Key binding Description
SPC a r e start elfeed

Use SPC ? to discover major-mode key bindings.

Key binding Description
c compact feed db
gr update all the feeds
gR force refresh view of the feed listing
gu unjam elfeed if it is slow due to slow connection
o load OPML
q quit main window, or item view buffer.
w start web server
W stop web server

In elfeed-show mode, you can use the following bindings:

Key binding Description
q quit show window
C-j Next entry
C-k Previous entry

4. Troubleshooting

4.1. Database empty at first start

Be sure that you added some feeds first then load your feeds with gr in evilified buffer. Or M-x elfeed-update.

4.2. Queue timeout exceeded

If you are getting "Queue timeout exceeded" errors, try increasing the value of url-queue-timeout.

(elfeed :variables url-queue-timeout 30)

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Created: 2024-07-23 Tue 17:37