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multiple-cursors layer

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1. Description

1.1. Features:

  • support for multiple cursors.

2. Install

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add multiple-cursors to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

3. Configuration

Currently supported backends are:

To set your choice of backend, configure multiple-cursors-backend variable of the layer.

(setq-default dotspacemacs-configuration-layers '(
  (multiple-cursors :variables multiple-cursors-backend 'evil-mc))

4. Key bindings

4.1. evil-mc

The evil-mc package provides the following key bindings:

Key binding Description
g r f evil-mc-make-and-goto-first-cursor
g r h evil-mc-make-cursor-here
g r j evil-mc-make-cursor-move-next-line
g r k evil-mc-make-cursor-move-prev-line
g r l evil-mc-make-and-goto-last-cursor
g r m evil-mc-make-all-cursors
g r n evil-mc-skip-and-goto-next-match
g r N evil-mc-skip-and-goto-next-cursor
g r p evil-mc-skip-and-goto-prev-match
g r P evil-mc-skip-and-goto-prev-cursor
g r r evil-mc-resume-cursors
g r s evil-mc-pause-cursors
g r q evil-mc-undo-all-cursors
g r u evil-mc-undo-last-added-cursor

4.1.1. Make cursors from a selection

When the following commands are called from a:

  • character or line selection, then the cursors are created at the beginning or at the end of each line with a selection.
  • block selection, then the cursors are created before or after the selection blocks left or right most column.
Key binding Description
g r A evil-mc-make-cursor-in-visual-selection-end
g r I evil-mc-make-cursor-in-visual-selection-beg

4.1.2. Additional key bindings

For easy navigation you also have the following:

Key binding Description
M-n evil-mc-make-and-goto-next-cursor
M-p evil-mc-make-and-goto-prev-cursor
C-n evil-mc-make-and-goto-next-match
C-p evil-mc-make-and-goto-prev-match
C-t evil-mc-skip-and-goto-next-match
C-M-j evil-mc-make-cursor-move-next-line
C-M-k evil-mc-make-cursor-move-prev-line

4.2. multiple-cursors

The multiple-cursors backend provides the following key bindings to insert new cursors:

Key binding Description
SPC s m a mc/mark-all-dwim
SPC s m b mc/mark-all-like-this
SPC s m m mc/mark-more-like-this-extended
SPC s m r mc/edit-lines

These special bindings manipulate text under cursors:

Key binding Description
SPC s m s l mc/insert-letters
SPC s m s m mc/mark-sgml-tag-pair
SPC s m s n mc/insert-numbers
SPC s m s r set-rectangular-region-anchor
SPC s m s s mc/sort-regions
SPC s m s t mc/reverse-regions

5. Notes

5.1. multiple-cursors

Some commands executed during multiple-cursors enabled may lead Emacs to go frenzy. Commands like window manipulation will be executed multiple times if mc is active. Not all Emacs commands may be compatible with mc.

To run interactive M-x commands with mc, run the command first. This will result with application of the command to the leading cursor. Then press C-: to apply the command to consequtive cursors. If this is not the case or you want a command to be executed only once, configure the mc/cmds-to-run-once variable of the layer like in the following example.

(setq-default dotspacemacs-configuration-layers '(
  (multiple-cursors :variables
                    multiple-cursors-backend 'mc
                    mc/cmds-to-run-once '(upcase-region))))

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