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Lua layer

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1. Description

This layer adds support for editing Lua.

1.1. Features:

  • Editing lua files using lua-mode
  • Code-Completion with lsp or company-lua
  • Sending code to a lua REPL
  • Code linting using Luacheck
  • Cross references (definitions, references, rename…)

2. Install

2.1. Layer

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add lua to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

In order to enable code linting, install Luacheck.

2.2. Backends

Supported backends are:

  • lua-mode using emacs packages
  • lsp using one of below LSP servers
    • emmy LSP server (default)
    • lua-language-server.
    • lua-lsp.

2.2.1. Lua mode

This backend provides basic support via pure emacs packages. It requires less setup than a full blown LSP setup but also provides less features. To enable it set the lua-backend to lua-mode.

(lua :variables
     lua-backend 'lua-mode)

2.2.2. LSP

This is the prefered backend choice. It relies on an external server implementing the LSP protocol. It requires installing one of the supported server implementations below:

Once it is installed the key bindings are provided by LSP layer allowing consistent key bindings among different layers.

To enable LSP set lua-backend to lsp. If lua-backend is nil and the LSP layer is loaded LSP will be used automatically otherwise it will fallback to lua-mode.

(lua :variables
     lua-backend 'lsp)
  1. Emmy server setup

    To use the emmy lsp server, please download the EmmyLua-LS-all.jar and put it into ~/.emacs.d/. Then set the layer variable lua-lsp-server to emmy. This is also the default choice if no specific lsp server has been selected.

    emmy requires a working java installation in the path as well as the path to the LSP server jar. The java path and the path to the server executable can be configured as is shown below:

    (lua :variables
         lua-backend 'lsp
         lua-lsp-server 'emmy
         lsp-clients-emmy-lua-jar-path "~/.emacs.d/.cache/lsp/EmmyLua-LS-all.jar" ; default path
         lsp-clients-emmy-lua-java-path "java") ; default path
  2. Lua-language server setup

    To use the lua-language-server lsp server, please follow lua-language-server to compile the standalone binary. Then set the layer variables as shown below:

    (lua :variables
         lua-backend 'lsp
         lua-lsp-server 'lua-language-server
         lsp-clients-lua-language-server-bin "~/.emacs.d/.cache/lsp/lua-language-server/bin/Linux/lua-language-server" ; default path
         lsp-clients-lua-language-server-main-location "~/.emacs.d/.cache/lsp/lua-language-server/main.lua") ; default path
  3. Lua-lsp server setup

    To use the lua-lsp lsp server, please follow lua-lsp to install the server via luarocks. Remember that the capabilities of this server are mainly dependent on the installed luarocks packages, so make sure you have them all installed for maximum benefit.

    To instruct Spacemacs to use this server set your config as shown below:

    (lua :variables
         lua-backend 'lsp
         lua-lsp-server 'lua-lsp
         lsp-clients-luarocks-bin-dir "~/.luarocks/bin/") ; default path

3. Key bindings

3.1. LSP

The default key bindings for the LSP implementations are defined and documented in the LSP layer.

3.2. Commands

Key binding Description
SPC m d lookup thing at point in lua documentation
SPC m s b send buffer contents to REPL
SPC m s f send current function to REPL
SPC m s l send current line to REPL
SPC m s r send current region to REPL
SPC m ' open repl buffer

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