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D language layer

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1. Description

This simple layer adds support for the D language to Spacemacs.

1.1. Features:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Auto completion via company
  • Syntax checking via flycheck

2. Install

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add d to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

To enable auto completion, you need to install DCD. After successfully building DCD, you need to copy the binary dcd-server and dcd-client in your path.

It is also recommended to install DUB a D language package manager.

3. Key bindings

Key binding Description
SPC m g g Go to definition
SPC m g b Jump back (after go to definition with above command)
SPC m g r Find references to all symbol at point
SPC m h h Display documentation of symbol under point

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Created: 2022-05-24 Tue 11:51