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unicode-fonts layer

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1. Description

This layer adds support for unicode-fonts package. It is recommended to install the fonts listed in the Quickstart section of the unicode-fonts README.

1.1. Features:

  • Display unicode glyphs using the best available font.
  • Easily override glyphs or sections of glyphs.
  • Display color emoji on both the macOS port version of Emacs and emacs-plus (with unicode-fonts-force-multi-color-on-mac set to non nil).
  • Enable support for font ligature in Emacs 27 + via ligatures.el.

2. Install

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add unicode-fonts to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

If using emacs-plus, you can set unicode-fonts-force-multi-color-on-mac to enable color emoji.

(unicode-fonts :variables unicode-fonts-force-multi-color-on-mac t)

If you want ligature support Emacs must be built with Harfbuzz and a ligature font must be installed and configured you can see the upstream docs for a full list of requirements. By default this is not enabled you can enable it with unicode-fonts-enable-ligatures.

(unicode-fonts :variables unicode-fonts-enable-ligatures t)

By default ligatures will be enabled in all programing modes. You can enable ligatures for specific modes with unicode-fonts-ligature-modes variable.

(unicode-fonts :variables unicode-fonts-ligature-modes '(php-mode js-mode))

To enable only for text modes you can use text-mode

(unicode-fonts :variables unicode-fonts-ligature-modes '(text-mode))

To configure the ligature set that gets used with your font there is a unicode-fonts-ligature-set variable. To only enable the ligatures in if statements you can limit the unicode-fonts-ligature-set

(unicode-fonts :variables unicode-fonts-ligature-set '("==" "===" "!=" "!==" "||" "&&"))

3. Ligature Fonts

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