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Neotree layer

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1. Description

This layer setups a file tree navigator buffer using Neotree (replacing the Treemacs layer).

1.1. Features:

  • intuitive evil key bindings integration
  • supports multiple themes
  • transient state by pressing on ?
  • version-control integration

2. Install

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add neotree to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

3. Configuration

3.1. NeoTree Theme

You can change the NeoTree theme by using the setting neo-theme. Possible values are:

Setting Description
classic Use an icon to display items - only suitable for gui mode.
ascii The simplest style, it will use x, - to display fold status.
arrow Use unicode arrows to display fold status.
icons Use all-the-icons packages and fonts
nerd Use the NERDTree indentation mode and arrows.

The default is classic.

Use nerd if you want it to look most like NERDTree in VIM. For example:

(setq neo-theme 'nerd)

3.2. NeoTree Source Control Integration

If you would like NeoTree to show source control information, you can use the setting neo-vc-integration. It is a list containing the possible values:

Setting Description
face Show information by changing the color of the file/directory name.
char Show information with a character to the left of the file/directory name.

The default is nil (do not show source control information), which is recommended.

For example,

(setq neo-vc-integration '(face))

Note: At this time, it is not recommended to set this to anything other than nil. Otherwise, it will become very slow with larger source trees. See for more information.

4. Usage

This layer provides a quick and simple way to navigate in an unknown project file tree with NeoTree.

To toggle the NeoTree buffer, press SPC f t or SPC p t (the latter opens NeoTree with the root set to the projectile project root).

To select the NeoTree window, press SPC 0. The NeoTree window always has the number 0 so it does not shift the current number of the other windows.

VCS integration is supported, the file color will change depending on its current state. With default spacemacs-dark theme:

  • green: new file
  • purple: modified file

4.1. NeoTree mode-line

The mode-line has the following format [x/y] d (D:a, F:b) where:

  • x is the index of the current selected file or directory
  • y the total number of items (file and directory) in the current directory
  • d the name of the current directory
  • a the number of directories in the current directory
  • b the number of files in the current directory

5. Key bindings

5.1. NeoTree navigation

Navigation is centered on the hjkl keys with the hope of providing a fast navigation experience like in ranger:

Key binding Description
h collapse expanded directory or go to parent node
H select previous sibling
j select next file or directory
J select next expanded directory on level down
k select previous file or directory
K select parent directory, when reaching the root change it to parent directory
l or RET expand directory
L select next sibling
R make a directory the root directory

Note: Point is automatically set to the first letter of a node for a smoother experience.

5.2. Opening files with NeoTree

By default a file is opened in the last active window. It is possible to choose window number where to open a file by using a numeric argument, for instance 2 l or 2 RET will open the current file in window 2. It is also possible to open the file in a split window with | and -:

Key binding Description
l or RET open file in last active window
# l or # RET open file in window number #
¦ open file in an vertically split window
- open file in an horizontally split window

5.3. Other NeoTree key bindings

Key binding Description
TAB toggle stretching of the buffer
c create a node
C copy a node
d delete a node
gr refresh
s toggle showing of hidden files
q or fd hide NeoTree buffer
r rename a node
? show help

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