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spacemacs-docker layers dependency installation scripts

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1 Description

Dependency installation scripts for Spacemacs layers in Docker environment.

1.1 Features:

  • Add Spacemacs to your Docker environment so you can build, ship, and run apps, anywhere

2 Supported layers

3 How it works

When .spacemacs file contains one of supported layers and its installation isn't disabled, it will be used to satisfy the layer's requirements, taking into account its configurations. For example, gometalinter will be installed only if the variable go-use-gometalinter is t. Set <LAYER_NAME>-spacemacs-docker-disable-deps-install to t if you want to disable dependency installation for the <LAYER_NAME> layer. Example:

(pandoc :variables pandoc-spacemacs-docker-disable-deps-install t)

Author: root

Created: 2020-01-25 Sat 15:22